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Lonely Sailors: On Spiritual Sea Changes

When one changes the sea of their beliefs, all sorts of problems and all sorts of wonders are uncovered. It’s hard to adjust one’s sails to all that change entails. When this happened in my life, every area of my … Continue reading

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I saw a lot of signs yesterday, but I don’t think we can fix this one with signs. Continue reading

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Being Coy

What a fragile species we are. Continue reading

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Fundamentalist Football Fan Superbowl XLVII Prediction

Totaling up the points, we don’t need to call in Daniel to tell us what the wall reads Continue reading

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On Praying About the Outcome of Elections, Part II

What does this all mean? Continue reading

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On Praying About the Outcome of Elections

Be careful… Continue reading

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Remembering Rich

I miss him. He was a beautiful human being Continue reading

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Either / Or

“Either God is good, or He isn’t”. Continue reading

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Interpreting the Fundamentals

Two men saw the exact same thing, up close, and interpreted the event completely differently. Continue reading

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Facebook is becoming the battleground where Kindness is dying. Continue reading

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