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How to Talk to a Former Fundamentalist

Don’t ask, “So, do you have a demon?” Continue reading

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The (Not-So) Great Debate: Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham

So, did you watch The Big Debate? Continue reading

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Fundamentalist Football Fan Superbowl XLVII Prediction

Totaling up the points, we don’t need to call in Daniel to tell us what the wall reads Continue reading

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Interpreting the Fundamentals

Two men saw the exact same thing, up close, and interpreted the event completely differently. Continue reading

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Fishers of Men

Continue reading

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How to Grieve the Holy Spirit

It’s simple, really… Continue reading

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Sunday on the Backslider’s Pew

Am I forsaking the assembling together of the believers? Yeah. Continue reading

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Wasting a Love Offering

You, unbeknownst to yourself, could be helping break the heart of God… Continue reading

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Post Script

In the battlefield of Constantine’s bloody war, some flowers still bloom… Continue reading

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An Open Letter to My Biggest Fan

…you know who you are. Continue reading

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