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The Interview

What was school like when you were a kid? Continue reading

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Sister Trip

One’s family should be the vessel in which a person is able to find the nourishment to grow into their best self. Continue reading

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Ericisms: The Ever-Expanding Eight-Year-Old Vocabulary

The boy’s inventing New Words: We started a new unit in science recently: geology. Eric is absolutely enthralled: there is an entire science devoted to rocks. He has abandoned his former goal of becoming a cowboy, and now is leaning … Continue reading

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Ericisms, With Additional Bonus Features

Cue that movie voice-over guy: “In a world where kids are unintentionally witty…” Continue reading

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The Will of God

“In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” Continue reading

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Rodalena Recipes: Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

The world’s could very well end tomorrow. In light of that, there is only one appropriate thing to be concentrating on today… Continue reading

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Ericisms: Seven-Year-Old Ladies’ Man

“I know what chics like.” Continue reading

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Thanksgiving: The Shed-jule, Part III

Thursday. The Big Day. Let’s do this: Continue reading

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What Rests in Arlington

Grandpa never spoke of the war. Continue reading

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The Letter

Letters are so much better than email. Continue reading

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