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Lonely Sailors: On Spiritual Sea Changes

When one changes the sea of their beliefs, all sorts of problems and all sorts of wonders are uncovered. It’s hard to adjust one’s sails to all that change entails. When this happened in my life, every area of my … Continue reading

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The Proper Care and Feeding of Mustard Seeds

Be careful of faith. It is a fragile and precious thing. Continue reading

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Trusting Wildfire

Who trusts in the good intentions of wildfires but crazy people? Continue reading

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My Biblical Heroes: The Giving Widow

Faith is letting go while being all in. Continue reading

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The Bus Ride Home

“What a wonderful way get home.” Continue reading

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In Which Two Baby Armadillos Wander Out of the Hundred Acre Wood and Wind Up on the Side of the Road in Suburbia

(with profuse apologies to A. A. Milne…) One fine day, perhaps tomorrow, two orphaned young armadillos were trying their very best to follow directions they got from Owl, who had a reputation for being One Who Knew Things because he could … Continue reading

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Prayer and Pinterest

God, I’m gonna pin You right over here. Don’t move. Continue reading

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My Biblical Heroes: Mary

I am reviled among people who know me and revered by people who think they do. Continue reading

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Plant your own flowers… Continue reading

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On Praying About the Outcome of Elections, Part II

What does this all mean? Continue reading

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