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The reactions to today’s ruling have been both encouraging, inspiring, upsetting, entertaining, and a marvelous display of the free speech we in this country so often take for granted. Continue reading

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Rodalena Reviews: American Sniper

There is a small category of films that for me fall under the heading of “Movies Everyone Should See.” American Sniper is one of them. Continue reading

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Memory, and Moving Forward

We will remember… Continue reading

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Rodalena Recipes: Kick-Heiny Green Beans

Want some? I thought so. Continue reading

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Presidential Debate Viewing Alternatives: The Finale, Thank the Good Lord

Since tonight is the audience participation debate, please throw in your two cents… Continue reading

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Flag that Play: Debates and Football

The debate last night was…predictable…like the worst sort of football game, complete with an ineffective ref and horrible clock management. Continue reading

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What She’s Made Of

The U. S. S. Constitution was built with the strength of liberty… Continue reading

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The Chick-fil-a Situation

A “free” society, by definition, will rarely be a society that agrees on anything…. Continue reading

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Supreme Madness

So that wiley band of black-robe wearers has wreaked havoc all up in here. Continue reading

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Michigan and Texas

In Michigan, one’s pride comes from having survived. In Texas, it comes from having lived. Continue reading

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