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It seems as though extremists on both sides love their party more than they love their country and the America media loves its ratings more than anything. Continue reading

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On Gun Violence in America

What we need in this country is not the fevered doubling-down of our respective opinions on this issue. What we need is education, empathy, and effective enforcement of our current laws. Continue reading

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R & R In New England

Wander through New England with me…. Continue reading

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Call Me Repulsed

I sort of wonder if Jesus was standing between Caitlyn Jenner and the stone-weilders today, what He’d be writing in the sand. Continue reading

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In Which Rodalena Tries to Explain Indiana Law to Pooh Bear

“Maybe Indiana could get Owl to help them with this. He’s smart. He can spell ‘Tuesday’.” Continue reading

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Rodalena Reflects: Lessons from Atticus

Empathy and critical thinking are risks. They often require one to act… Continue reading

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Facebook, Neurochemistry, and the Value of Basic Human Kindness

I still remember verbal wounds that were inflicted when I was a child. These wounds hang on, yet the verbal kindnesses do not seem to hold. Why is that? Continue reading

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Rodalena Rants: The Hobby Lobby Decision

Why must some of my favorite stores become political lightning rods? Continue reading

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It Ain’t Right

…and that’s all I have to say about that.

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Writing About Politics

Being a responsible, informed, and engaged American citizen isn’t easy. Continue reading

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