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Books that Move

So, yeah, I got “tagged” by a friend on Facebook to list “Ten Books that Have Stayed With Me in Some Way”… Continue reading

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Some People’s Kids: Unlimited Talk and Text

“…now you’ve gone wireless.” Continue reading

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Successful Blogging

“Successful Blogging.” What does that mean, exactly? Continue reading

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The New Phonebook

This kind of completely mindless perseverance should be lauded. Continue reading

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Ericisms: The Ever-Expanding Eight-Year-Old Vocabulary

The boy’s inventing New Words: We started a new unit in science recently: geology. Eric is absolutely enthralled: there is an entire science devoted to rocks. He has abandoned his former goal of becoming a cowboy, and now is leaning … Continue reading

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Book Lover’s Paradise

In Archer, Texas, there’s a dusty wonder with a stupid name not too far from the Dairy Queen… Continue reading

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Silent Woman

“Lorena had her usual look-the look of a woman who was somewhere else.” -Larry McMurtry, Lonesome Dove The horizon hates me. It taunts me Dances, laughs, then leaves. I sit here, silent, dreaming, looking for tomorrow But tomorrow doesn’t want … Continue reading

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Schoolish Thoughts: Grammar with Augustus

By using a piece of fine writing as a springboard, interesting discussions start… Continue reading

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The Death March of the Wild Frontier

“The earth is mostly just a boneyard, but pretty in the sunlight. -Larry McMurtry.
Continue reading

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