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The Face on Your Currency

I think we as women need to take responsibility for how we are perceived. Continue reading

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It Ain’t Right

This is the United States of America and it is 2015, and yet I feel as heartbroken and confused as Jem Finch after the trial of Tom Robinson. Continue reading

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Call Me Repulsed

I sort of wonder if Jesus was standing between Caitlyn Jenner and the stone-weilders today, what He’d be writing in the sand. Continue reading

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Common Cathedral

On Sunday mornings, we find ourselves at the laundry mat with the faithful… Continue reading

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On Praying About the Outcome of Elections

Be careful… Continue reading

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Interpreting the Fundamentals

Two men saw the exact same thing, up close, and interpreted the event completely differently. Continue reading

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My Biblical Heroes: Rahab

I keep the secrets of God… Continue reading

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Hymn of Hatred

I wish they’d rip this song out of every hymnal. Continue reading

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Supreme Madness

So that wiley band of black-robe wearers has wreaked havoc all up in here. Continue reading

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Wildflower Lament

Be ye still, listen: the wildflowers are singing. Continue reading

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