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Schoolish Thoughts: Educational Rebels

What is the purpose of a college education, really? Continue reading

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Life is Funny

We’re in our red wagon, flying through the woods of life together. It’s both wonderful and terrifying. Continue reading

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Schoolish Thoughts: Hey, Jen Hatmaker!

One of the greatest perks of homeschooling is The End-of-the-Year-Fade-Out. Continue reading

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Writing About Politics

Being a responsible, informed, and engaged American citizen isn’t easy. Continue reading

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Ericisms, With Additional Bonus Features

Cue that movie voice-over guy: “In a world where kids are unintentionally witty…” Continue reading

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Who’s Driving These Search Engines?

You never know where a search engine will take you… Continue reading

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Good for Nothing

This *might possibly be* my favorite Calvin & Hobbes strip. Continue reading

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Ericisms: Seven-Year-Old Ladies’ Man

“I know what chics like.” Continue reading

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The Most Horrible Question

“What is your favorite book?” Continue reading

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Sunday Lamentations

I am lamenting this ignored injustice: the Sunday Funnies…aren’t. Continue reading

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