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R & R In New England

Wander through New England with me…. Continue reading

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Rodalena Reflects: Lessons from Atticus

Empathy and critical thinking are risks. They often require one to act… Continue reading

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Interpreting the Fundamentals

Two men saw the exact same thing, up close, and interpreted the event completely differently. Continue reading

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On Separation of Church and State, Gay Marriage, and Ill Eagles

It is not the business of government to place every human behavior into the category of legal and illegal… Continue reading

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Why the Preacher’s Wife is Not a Hag

…and God, (I heard that Dr. Hutson used to start his prayers like that. Did he, Lord? I’m stealing his greeting. I just love the continuity it demonstrates about our conversations…) Continue reading

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Man of God/Child of God

Modern day Constantine… Continue reading

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A man is dead. Continue reading

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Tightrope Walking

When we begin to use our standards as weapons of mass destruction against those whose standards are different from our own, we have missed the entire point of having standards in the first place. Continue reading

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Open your hymnals to page 365

This is praise.
This is worship.

Continue reading

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Botanical Baptist Church Service

  Opening Prayer   The choir will now sing for the Lord   Offeratory Hymn   Special Music   Today’s text: Matthew 6:28-30   Touched by the Son   *all photography by rodalena 

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