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The author, contemplating some new drivel to share…

I’m a preacher’s wife…

Confession: I keep starting this paragraph, deleting what I wrote, starting again, deleting, and this is about the sixth time I have attempted the first sentence. I suppose I am hard to describe. I am a mother to three kids, and a wife to the pastor of a small-town independent fundamental baptist church. I sing, I teach, I write, I parent, I read, I organize stuff, I lead, I follow, I photograph, I draw, I cook, I paint, I plan, I learn, and sometimes I sit and stare out the window and wish I…well. I have absolutely no fiscal value whatsoever, and if I were to write a resume, it would be a dismal looking piece of paper, because though I am very busy, I am not Actually Qualified to do any of the stuff I do.

I am an amateur.

Anyway, I can usually be found behind the cover of a book near a box of cheezits and a bowl of grapes. Glad you decided to come hang out. Take your shoes off, and relax. If you are headed to the fridge, grab me a pepsi.


I was a pastor’s wife.

My ex-husband and I are no longer in the Ministry. There is a story there, but I will not tell it. But, I will say this: it is a story about faith, and like all such stories, it is bathed in grace

And its central theme is redemption


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  1. I love the ‘I am a Preachers wife…’ It builds up to create all sorts of impressions in the readers mind but then you completely dismantle them by being real, down to earth and funny. I grew up in the Baptist church and know that it is hard to get the Christian voice out without many people rolling their eyes. Great job with this blog, it doesn’t have the rolling eyes effect.

  2. Katiejane says:

    Roda, I have always loved your writing. You really do have a gift from God. I am so looking forward to reading all you have written.

  3. The definitive answer to your worth comes from here.

    Proverbs 31:10
    Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

    I happen to know this to be true.

  4. DrT says:

    I hope you get a chance to be whole and to tell your story. When I see people that have been injured like it sounds you have, I ask about the most important commandment, which is Love your God with all you are and to love your neighbor as yourself, right? The word for love was agape, or whole and complete love. What it means to me is that God wants us to love with our whole self, “the good, the bad, everything.” However, God wants us to love each other that way to. All that to say that I hope you can be loved and love with the whole truth.

  5. Naphtali says:

    wow, you are one more busy woman! I am exhausted reading all that you do! keep it up and I will see you at the funny farm where I hang out a lot!

  6. DrT says:

    Thanks for all your insight and comments–also that is a great picture on your gravatar

  7. LWSpotts says:

    I love your update…especially that your story is bathed in love, and grace, with a central theme of redemption. If that is not the essense of the gospel, I do not know what is.

  8. Kenneth Adair says:

    I hope that You consider me among your friends. I see your hurt and have, believe it or not, walked down similar paths. I hold you and yours in Christian love and often remember you in my prayers I have never questioned that you are a godly woman. Remember, it may take time, but God will love the hurt away.

    • rodalena says:

      Thank you, Ken. I appreciate this very much. I’m grateful God allowed our paths to cross. Please give your precious wife my best…in fact, tonight, take her out to the restaurant of her choice, and insist she order dessert. :)

  9. Nice to meet you!

    David in Maine USA

  10. rmered3382 says:

    Very insteresting Blog. The few posts I have read are filled with hope and grace.

  11. kinetikat says:

    Ministry or no ministry, we’re all living for Jesus – nice to meet you, sis!

  12. JT says:

    It is ironic isn’t it… most all our stories are “christian” perhaps it has something to do with our maker ;-) . The idea of living without compartmentalizing is invigorating, glad I stumbled onto your venue here.

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  14. Dear Rodalena!! I have missed you like the desert misses the rain. So glad that you I could find you. Your blog looks delightful. I feel it already that you are going to be successful. You are an excellent writer and one of the rare things in this world, a Christian with a true sense of humor. Don’t get me wrong. None of the people who I’ve seen lose their faith and become atheists have senses of humor either.

    I can’t wait to see what you write.

  15. Pamela Reynoso says:

    So nice to see you Rodalena! Count me among those who have missed you. :)

  16. Clanmother says:

    And I was a minister’s kid. I will follow your thoughts with great interest.

  17. Rodalena,

    Your story delights me. Yeah, even the heard grace needed parts.
    So do your ideas and the way you express them.
    I so appreciate the opportunity you gave me by reaching out to my blog to be delighted by yours!

    Just read your hilarious insightful essay on the masculine and feminine principles describing our government as a divorcing couple. It struck me. I tried to read the article you referenced, but I was spoiled- yours is funner. : )
    You are masterful. I was laughing and calling in my sisters to hear it.
    There is more.
    On the eve of the election, I attended my first distant viewing class. For a month or so before this, I began to care about these politics and wonder what the deal was. Basically, I found out that above all things in my mind, war was the worst thing for the planet, so I go liberal. As weeks went by, I pondered this and built my own network of insights and research. I didn’t read anything like what you wrote though. Then on the way to that class it dawned on me.
    Oh, this Conservative/Liberal thing is like a warring couple so concerned about doing their view of best for the kids that they screw everything up all around. I’m not sure that it’s bad that people, yes grown ups still need nurturing like kids. We all do in some way. But I realized we want the same things just like any family.
    I read this plagiarizing article thinking, okay if I were to publish what I wrote about that it would like plagiarizing, next to yours, as far as the idea. You do a well crafted delightful exposition, mine would have been different, yet the same.
    I was thinking more about the actual idea. I like and value ideas. : ) Yes, even more than the craftsmanship that explores them and makes them accessible. I didn’t feel an urge to post anything about it. I just talked with my friends and family about it. So, when I find the subject that so delighted me so clear, funny, and complete for the enjoyment of all without any work on my part, I feel grateful and happy. It’s a weird feeling.
    That leads me to another idea. It seems these thoughts are in the air. Sorta like low hanging fruit. Once it’s gets into consciousness the hundredth monkey effect delivers it free, without even having to read anything if we link up, to it. Sorta like the Holy Ghost or something if you put it one way or inspiration if you put it another.
    That evening my distant viewing group predicted Obama would win the election. It was blind. We didn’t even know what question we were seeking the answer to. I got from it because of my own musings, that feminine Principe will just win, yet masculine will get a place of honor, as well. As is best. That was just my own unofficial interpretation, because on the way there I happened to revamp my point of view and value system from one spot of inspiration.
    Plagiarism, the reason I chose to read this essay, which is actually about learning to think for oneself, seems to be about thinking for oneself long enough to personally plagiarize the low hanging fruit of consciousnesses that becomes available as the intellectual property of any human being who reaches for it.
    Sorta like we are meant to reach for and plagiarize the universal evolutionary impulses offerings, rather each others.
    I began to wonder if the idea of intellectual property isn’t absurd. Just a thought for perspective. It’s about people, like you said. : )

    Ideas are ours. Ideas are the property, or something, of humanity. But mostly, its the reaching for them and knowing where they came form, feeling when they come, that experience that makes it mine, not a copyright. It’s like copy-writhing falling in love.
    Love TM

    ; )


    p.s. You would love ruleofstupid here on wordpress. He gives my heart the kind of complete peace and satisfaction that your blog does.

    • rodalena says:


      Thank you for taking the time to send such a kind and thoughtful comment. I absolutely loved this thought: “Ideas are the property, or something, of humanity.” What a beautiful concept. Enjoy the blog, as I plan to enjoy yours. All the best to you and yours…


  18. David says:

    Thank you for the follow. I hope I will write about something you will find interesting. Thoughts & comments are always welcomed. Blessings & Peace

  19. indytony says:

    I just noticed you are following my blog – “A Way With Words”. I am grateful you were drawn into my corner of the blogosphere and chose to stick around long enough to receive my posts. I am a former pastor myself, so I’m sure we could compare many notes. For now, I feel blessed to be writing and to have readers like you.

    I’ll be following your blog as well. Perhaps we can encourage each other in our faith journey.

  20. I agree that your life is your ministry!! your chicken enchilada post looked amazing and I bet you have a million more stories inside you. Thanks for following my blog.

    blessings, Linda

  21. NOAEfame says:

    I love your confession. I am also in the ministry. My husband is also a very strong member of the church. I am a mother of four girls. I cook, clean , and do all that you do. I will like to follow your blog because i think we have a similar path. I am glad we can still share the love of God when it seems impossible. Your confession is real, and very intriguing. I hope to read more from you.

  22. “Wayward fundamentalist” made me click; “it is a Christian story, and like all Christian stories, it is bathed in love, and grace…And its central theme is redemption…” made me a follower of your blog. I sense a kindred spirit.

  23. lmmiller9 says:

    Roda, in the “I am” piece, I feel that you should simply say “I am a writer.” You are a writer and a good one. You can easily write a book, well, may be not so easy. But, it is there. You just have to decide to.

    Also, you writing is not bounded by Christianity. You don’t need to justify, limit, or box-up yourself that way. Your writing is human, it is about one human beings experience that has resonance with other human beings. But, it is not about Christianity or restricted to Christianity. You don’t need to justify yourself in that way.

    Anyway, just keep it up. and Thanks,

  24. Thanks for the follow! I will be looking out for new freshly pressed post from you!

  25. Judy Lesko says:

    Thank you so much for following my blog. Have a great rest of week and Happy Writing!

  26. Hi Rodalena, I like your “about” section. It is very gracious. Also, your post about books is awesome. I used to know a secondhand book store owner in Menlo Park, CA. I stopped there once a week to look at the books and get some. These places are wonderful and full of some magnetism.

  27. I’m a Christian too! I really like your blog, and hope to see you on mine sometime.
    P.S. You are a very good writer, and I enjoyed your post about the bookstore in Texas quite a lot.

  28. Hi Rodalena – wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and deciding to follow my posts.

  29. I’m a preacher’s kid, too. My Dad went into the Chaplaincy…in Psychiatric Centers. Mom was a teacher. I’m a former Home Missionary who was fired ! Now I’ve a blog you are welcome to visit…don’t know why my wordpress toolbar ain’t workin’…? Anyway…http://bythemightymumford.wordpress.com/.

  30. acanderson9 says:

    Refreshing and honest. Love your blog and its truth. Thanks for sharing your journey. :)

  31. I have awarded you a “Blog of the Year Award.” To read the details, visit –


    Participate if you feel so led. Otherwise, just enjoy the blessing, my friend.

  32. Lyn says:

    Hi Rodalena, I took one look at the caption under your photo and was hooked. Anyone who says “contemplating some new drivel to share” is worth reading. I’m putting on my hob-nailed boots, grabbing my walking stick and I’m gonna go exploring :-D
    P/S Tony Roberts pointed to way to your blog.

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