Love Pays Attention

Love pays attention.

Love pays attention.

There are always fresh flowers when I arrive
and he can tell when I’m getting cold.

He knows how I drink my coffee
(like Winston the Wolf:

“Lotsa cream, lotsa sugar”),
And that I prefer a Connecticut shade wrapper.

He knows I still struggle with the past
And that my kids are my heart.

He knows I love the Dixie Chicks;
I know he’s a Little Feat man

And a cheese connoisseur.
I know he loves the roar of a bad-ass V-8,

A well-made gun, a Liga T-52,
and a beautiful watch.

He likes his coffee with just enough
milk to make it look like

A dirt road in Texas
after a 10-minute shower.

I know he’s passionate about protecting those he loves
and that a good workout clears his head.

I know he has no interest in super hero movies
And his daughters are his world.

On paper, we are opposites:
The extrovert and the introvert

The gun guy and the flower girl
iPhone and Android,

The Beach Boys and Alabama Shakes,
Mercedes and Hyundai, but

Down deep we are simpatico
Kindness matters to us both.

We both love John Prine
A good steak and a fat novel,

Porch swing and modern art.
We’re having our own adventure

learning each other intentionally.
Because love pays attention.

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2 Responses to Love Pays Attention

  1. The world is such a glorious place when you let it be, isn’t it?

  2. Sherry says:

    That’s really beautiful.

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