How Hugh Jackman Helped Me Break Out of My Bloggy Rut

“You aren’t blogging enough.”

My BFF made this emphatic statement the other day on the phone. I was sitting in traffic, like I usually am when I’m not sitting at my desk. Seriously: Monday through Friday are exhausting. But…

She’s right.

In my defense, I’ve thought about blogging. I’ve even logged in here with bloggish intentions after staring at a computer screen all day. I usually shut the laptop and pick up a book, but dammit, I’ve thought about writing! There’s lots I need to write about (writers *need* to write; sometimes there is “want”, but mostly it’s “need”):

  • …like how I made my oldest son laugh when I informed him I was as “groovy as Shaggy in 1974.”
  • And how Where’d Ya Go, Bernadette was just the sort of read I needed (thanks Bestie).
  • There’s also some Serious Topics, like how wonderful and frustrating long-distance relationships can be and how hard it is to live on a single income.
  • Current events like the dangers of being a political cartoonist and the upcoming U. S. national elections (Jeb Bush? Seriously? Gack…) also need some attention.
  • Fundamentalism’s dangers and oddities also need mentioning. Thankfully, Darrell’s got that one handled.
  • My series on Biblical Heroes is being woefully neglected.
  • There are ridiculous amounts of Attempts at Poetry wandering around in my head.
  • I read an article this morning about idioms around the world that’s freakin’ hilarious.

But, of all the things on my “To Write” list, this one intrigues me the most:

Thou shalt not type-cast Hugh Jackman.

Thou shalt not typecast Hugh Jackman.

Hugh Jackman/Wolverine/Jean Val Jean has been cast to play St. Paul in a Warner Brothers Major Motion Picture called…wait for it“Apostle Paul” produced by Matt Damon, Ben Affleck (“Dogma” anyone?), and Hugh Jackman. Fo realz.

The intriguing thing about this, aside from the subject matter and Hugh’s amazing abs acting chops, is the the volatile question of how St. Paul will be portrayed. Will he be shown as a Reformed Murderer/Hero? A Male-Chauvinist Pig? A Brilliant Leader? Possibly Gay?

The Problem of Interpretation, once again, will be prominent in how people receive this story on the big screen. This film will likely be seen by many viewers as either Fact or Lie, and possibly Blasphemy.

How I wish it could simply be the powerful thing it is: a great story.

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7 Responses to How Hugh Jackman Helped Me Break Out of My Bloggy Rut

  1. Now we know what it takes to lure you out of your lair.

  2. Chelly aka The Bestie says:

    Now that’s a blog. Just what I needed. Thanks Bestie!

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