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On Blue (or maybe white) Dresses, and Interpreting Deuteronomy and Hozier

Is there always One Correct Interpretation, or can language convey more than one true meaning? Continue reading

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Silent Thunder

The clouds are stuck. Continue reading

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What Those Roses Mean

He got you roses… Continue reading

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Rodalena Reviews: American Sniper

There is a small category of films that for me fall under the heading of “Movies Everyone Should See.” American Sniper is one of them. Continue reading

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Pillow Talk: The Stunning Conclusion

We had a half-hour to find a blanket, purchase it and these pillows and get across the street to the theater. What could possibly go wrong? Continue reading

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Pillow Talk

“You need better pillows,” my boyfriend announced out of the clear blue last weekend. “Where can we go to get some?” Continue reading

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