Linguistic Royalty

Replete with red, copyright rodalena 2013“Replete”
sounds so much better
than saying “complete” or “filled”,

especially if one
closes their eyes and imagines
Alan Rickman or Benedict Cumberbatch
letting it roll off their tongues.

Such a crisp word,
a nearly royal extravagance
not at all a messy or lazy
American-sounding word,

Replete with pink, copyright rodalena 2013undisciplined
and thoughtless
like “spilled” or worse:

It is a beauty instead of a mess,
a dashing word belonging
in a poem
about flowers or love or grace,

linguistic royalty,
not just some
common adjective.

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4 Responses to Linguistic Royalty

  1. A poem worth of a word that make a sentence all its own.

  2. CKoepp says:

    Ah poetry… especially using unusual words. :)

  3. Tony Roberts says:

    You are replete with wisdom.

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