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The Bus Ride Home

“What a wonderful way get home.” Continue reading

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Sister Trip

One’s family should be the vessel in which a person is able to find the nourishment to grow into their best self. Continue reading

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Rodalena Reviews: Bernie

This film is the story of Bernie Tiede: a beautiful frail terror of a man who finally snapped. Continue reading

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Abandoned Keys

The keys have faded from necessary tools to needless toys… Continue reading

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Rodalena Repents: The Bathroom Cupboard

(I’d like it noted for the record that the title of this post indicates the need for Another Necessary Series around here.) Continue reading

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Allysonisms: An Overdose of Feels and the Awesomeness of Doors

Doors are awesome. Continue reading

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It Ain’t Right

…and that’s all I have to say about that.

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Bare Feet

They make no sound On the dirty floor. It is holy ground: Silence being all that’s left When growth leaves you too heavy With age and time To float and spin Through life. So you Fall, As you step, and … Continue reading

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Rodalena Recipes: Kick-Heiny Green Beans

Want some? I thought so. Continue reading

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Gettysburg at 150

Some wounds are too deep to heal completely. Sometimes, people and countries must learn to live with their scars. Continue reading

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