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In Which Two Baby Armadillos Wander Out of the Hundred Acre Wood and Wind Up on the Side of the Road in Suburbia

(with profuse apologies to A. A. Milne…) One fine day, perhaps tomorrow, two orphaned young armadillos were trying their very best to follow directions they got from Owl, who had a reputation for being One Who Knew Things because he could … Continue reading

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Yul Brynner’s Ghost

Yul Brynner’s ghost is standing Regally indifferent behind me Dressed as a Egyptian god-king With his stupid haircut And his sun-kissed skin His piercing gaze Heats my neck Though the tiny hairs stand on end Because I’m shivering As I … Continue reading

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My Biblical Heroes: The Grateful Sinner

There were other people in the room when I arrived, though I did not notice them. All I could see was Him. Drawn toward Him, like the tide, I fell at His feet. They were rougher than I imagined they … Continue reading

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Rodalena Recipes: Stuffed Jalapenos

Oh y’all. Do I have a treat (read: addictive sin) for you! I stole this recipe from my mother-in-law (which is where tons of my best recipes come from) after she showed up for a Girl’s Night with a gigantic … Continue reading

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Accidental Empathy: An Open Letter to Brad Paisley and LL Cool J

Dear Brad and LL, “Accidental Racist” is a song that starts conversations. I wanted to stop and take a minute to thank you both for that: the more people have conversations, the more likely it is for that weird thing … Continue reading

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Becoming a Poet

Someone said writing poems Is the key to becoming A poet. They could be right; Anything’s possible. I used to think it had to do With the arrangement Of words on pages Little soldiers in perfect formations Marching down your … Continue reading

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Hello Friends…

Welcome to! As I work out the bugs, enjoy this picture I shot over the weekend:

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The mountain crushed him. Continue reading

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Ericisms, With Additional Bonus Features

Cue that movie voice-over guy: “In a world where kids are unintentionally witty…” Continue reading

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