I sat down in the quiet of the morning
to write down a poem
that had tiptoed into my mind,
but I checked my email first
and the Goodreads newsletter came out,
Crate & Barrel’s having a sale,
the blood bank needs a donation,
somebody started a new game of Words With Friends,
and if I love America I’ll forward this to ten friends,
and, oh look! I got a new Twitter follower,
so I went over to Twitter
where I found out Malala has been sent home
and I want so badly to be happy about that,
but the news only terrified me.
So in order to distract myself,
I made the mistake of skimming tweets.
Ann Coulter and James Carville flung hateful bile in equal amounts
and people still insist on slaughtering English,
and some stewardesses on a plane had to duct tape a drunk to his seat,
and the words “trending now” are still
…trending now.

RainI closed that window,
and looked out my real window.
It was raining.
How appropriate, I thought
as I went to the blank page
looking for that poem.

But it was gone.

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3 Responses to Windows

  1. heyshelbyd says:

    I feel like I’m in the presence of humble greatness. So many of my passions, you have pursued and have done so very well. Unique and limitless… truly gifts from God for you to share and brighten this world of ours. So good to “connect” with you. Thank You for sharing His beauty through your eyes.

  2. thank you for the beautiful poem. I hope that my own writing may someday reflect the same great level of understanding and clarity in this chaotic existence.

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