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Fishers of Men

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My Biblical Heroes: Isaac, part II

I can’t look. Continue reading

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My Biblical Heroes: Isaac

He lays the blade upon my neck… Continue reading

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Getting Through Monday

It’s Monday and it’s already been a busy news day… Continue reading

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Awe, and Stillness

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Pothole Gardener

The road has been beaten So much abuse So much trampling So many cars And stomping feet So much noise So much Hurrying… The road has open wounds Scars. Few notice. Few care. People are busy. But, hope is not … Continue reading

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Eric Tells a Story

We laughed. We cried. It moved us, Bob. Continue reading

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I wonder what the road thinks,
now that it has reached the end of itself, Continue reading

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Gentleness is precious. Continue reading

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How to Find God: A Round-About Sort of Map, or a Recipe For Getting Lost

First, sit down on the floor with an expert or two under the age of seven. Gather some Legos, chocolate syrup, a bed sheet, paste, a harmonica, dry pasta, sand, laughter, mud, paint, puddles, old newspaper, some fruit snacks, and … Continue reading

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