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Life Lessons from Olympic Gymnastics

A heart can learn a lot watching the Olympics… Continue reading

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The Chick-fil-a Situation

A “free” society, by definition, will rarely be a society that agrees on anything…. Continue reading

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Emily and Oskar

Perhaps they were true… Continue reading

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My Serious First World Problem

My ears are all wrong for the 21st Century… Continue reading

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For Use in Case of Emergency, or For Use in Case of Miserable Monday, or Ya Know, Whatev…

Because everyone needs some fast food and folk music now and then…

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I don’t know why God allows these things to happen. Continue reading

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Because I’m Batman

I get to wear my cape tonight. Continue reading

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Rodalena Reviews…”Moonrise Kingdom”

Disclaimer: I like quirky films. And “Moonrise Kingdom” is quirky. Continue reading

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An Open Letter to E. L. James

Thanks, E. L., from the bottom of my heart. What you’ve accomplished is no small thing. Continue reading

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Weather Report

It’s been raining. A lot. Continue reading

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