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Supreme Madness

So that wiley band of black-robe wearers has wreaked havoc all up in here. Continue reading

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Summertime Agenda

How to have a wonderful summer… Continue reading

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True love’s power is in its kiss… Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Prayer

A quiet prayer on a lazy Sunday… Continue reading

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Ivory Memories

The elephants remember
The elephants weep Continue reading

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Preacher Boys

And a little child shall lead them… Continue reading

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Fight Church

I don’t recall ever reading a passage in the New Testament where Jesus ripped someone’s face off… Continue reading

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Country Boy

It’s an American tragedy that people don’t know about Don Williams… Continue reading

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How Poems Feel

I think some of them are
homesick. Continue reading

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Phanatical Shinanigans

Some people are just sucking all the fun out of wearing a furry green costume. Continue reading

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