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Because I am a home-schooling mother and an unapologetic capitalist, we play a lot of Monopoly…

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In heaven today, a beautiful toddler sits on the lap of Christ, contentedly breathing in His manly carpenter smell. His carpenter arms are wrapped around her, and if you listen close, you can hear the calm of the sea in her breathing. She sleeps deeply.
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I have long hair. Partly because I like it, partly because of that verse that says something like, “Long hair is the crown of a woman” and the idea of being a princess has always appealed to me, partly because my neck gets cold if it’s exposed to the elements for too long, and partly because I just don’t like getting haircuts. Continue reading

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An Unanswerable Question

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The Knot

She took the crochet hook and the yarn, held my hands in hers, and trained me to see the little things, to be gentle, patient, and consistent, and not to fear mistakes. Grandma showed me the beauty of knots:
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Rabbit Trails

One of the pre-done tags on my little bloggy-desktop-y thing-y is “Random Thoughts”. Loosely translated, those are Rabbit Trails. Like your boss, pastor or history professor runs down gleefully, wandering off of perfectly good Main Topics willy nilly, for no … Continue reading

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My Love/Hate Relationship with Genesis 22

I’ve been reading Genesis slowly, because I have a love/hate relationship with chapter 22, and I am not really wanting to read it right now. Chapter 22 pisses me off. (Yes, I did use a naughty word. But, a. it’s … Continue reading

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School-ish Thoughts: The Hidden Tragedy of Plagiarism

People seem to think that education is mainly putting vast amounts of information into young minds. That is not education; that is indoctrination. Education is the hard and often painful process of drawing trapped discoveries, thoughts, ideas, art, and opinions out of young minds who have not yet learned how to effectively share their thoughts with others.

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Really Dangerous Ideas: Sharpie on a Key-Ring

I have done the world (or, at least, my little corner of it) a monumental favor: I did not buy that super-cute Sharpie-on-a-Keyring I saw in the check out lane at Hobby Lobby. (People, they had ORANGE ones!) Continue reading

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swept away

The old broom stands, a sentinel in its dark closet its luscious locks doomed always stuck on the ground unless… she comes, opening this prison and letting in the light. Firm grip Her hands hold the broom and they dance (the … Continue reading

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