Does Christian = Republican?

*Please turn over. Commandments 11-23 on back.

There’s an eleventh commandment in Hezekiah somewhere that reads, “Thou shalt be Republican.” At least, this is what most folks in the pews have been conditioned to believe. For some reason, Christians think Jesus is deeply invested in the American political process. Oddly enough, we don’t think He even notices the Sudanese political process, or the Turkish political climate. If it’s not on our Yahoo! news feed, surely it ain’t on God’s either. We are The Christian Nation, after all.

Is this the correct way to think? I am wondering about the Christian approach to politics as we prepare for another horrific presidential election season. The debates are under way, the buses are rolling, the fundraisers are planned. My eyes are already rolling, and the voices of the potential Republican nominees are beginning to grate on my nerves almost as much as President Obama’s inane ‘Let-me-be-clear’s do. In our arrogant American self-importance, we’re certain the God was glued to His flat screen for last night’s CNN/Tea Party sponsored debate. (Does God watch CNN? Surely not. He must be a FOX guy. No way is He gonna let Anderson Cooper or Wolf Blitzer into His heaven.) 

Oh. That part. Gotcha.

He’s must have been watching the Tea Party applaud like rabid Cowboys fans at the hypothetical mention of an uninsured 30-year-old dying because the dork chose not to buy health insurance.

I could be wrong, but I really don’t think this is the sort of reaction Christ would have had. And, obviously, since God lives in heaven, He would have had the Monday Night Football game on. And a huge plate of nachos. Duh.

We make a mistake as Christians when we assume that Jesus was more concerned with temporal matters like politics than He was about the inner condition of the human soul. Politics is the pursuit of power through governing. Governments are instituted by men to control the citizenry. Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32) Jesus is God: He doesn’t need to acquire any power. And, Jesus is not seeking to control you, despite what you may have been lead to believe. Jesus is looking have a relationship with you. One that involves a constant honest communication, and a genuine love. Since He’s God, He’s smart enough to realize the political process is not the avenue to achieve His goal.  
Politics deals in the masses. Christ wants to deal with the individual.

I don’t think Jesus was a Republican. I don’t think He was a Democrat, either. He was God. When we as Christians enter the voting booth, we should enter as people who have been given the freeing gift of His Truth, and let that truth, our own consciences, and our thoughtful study of the issues and candidates before us guide our vote. Be careful, though, because doing this might make you think twice before you pull that ‘Straight Democrat or Straight Republican Party’ lever.

God did and said some conservative-leaning things. He did some liberal-leaning things. We don’t get to pigeon-hole God into our itty-bitty American political process. 

(Maybe God the Father leans Repub, and Jesus leans Democrat. Which would make for some interesting dinner conversation up there at Chez Yahweh. Can’t wait until I get to listen in. Talk about supah-fun….)

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  1. hhhmmm…now ya got me thinkin…great! :)

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