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Occasionally, Some Good and Perfect Gifts Come From YouTube

A treasure has been unearthed… Continue reading

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The Mind of the Beholder

The customs and social practices of biblical times are not always understood by believers today, and because of this, sometimes we lose sight of the deeper meaning of a biblical truth. Continue reading

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Ericisms…The Boy’s Still at it…

Following are some of the recent gems from the delightfully boyish mouth of my six-year old…enjoy:
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Let’s Do Something Scandalous.

Let’s all make it a point this week to read a scandalous classic that has appeared on a banned book list. Continue reading

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Inappropriate Funeral Music

I don’t care where I’m buried…
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Culinary Warfare

The six-year old took up arms on his end of the table. His arsenal included a zinging wit (far more than his fair share of zing at six years old), indefensible charm, an iron will and large eyes the color of the sky right before a summer rain. I met him on the field of battle (a.k.a. the kitchen) armed with The Mom Look, dinner, and a large plastic spoon.
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Teenage Wisdom and Observations…careful, some of it is pretty observant, and very wise:
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School-ish Thoughts: The Written Word

People don’t actually write anymore. Continue reading

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Alzheimers and the Love of God

Pat Robertson’s been yapping with Christianity Today…
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Does Christian = Republican?

I don’t think Jesus was a Republican. I don’t think He was a Democrat, either. He was God. Continue reading

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