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Day 5

Young God creates all day,
like children are known to do,
painting, drawing, sculpting the
beautiful inhabitants of the sea…
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Why the Preacher’s Wife is Not a Hag

…and God, (I heard that Dr. Hutson used to start his prayers like that. Did he, Lord? I’m stealing his greeting. I just love the continuity it demonstrates about our conversations…) Continue reading

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Why the Preacher’s Wife is a Hag

Jill doesn’t know it, but she is imploding… Continue reading

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My eyes are drawn to the soft light
That makes the plastic of the blinds
Gently glow and move

Like piano keys the wind is playing
In an unknown key

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The best place I have found
To kneel down and pray
Is… Continue reading

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They are Destroying Football

The next thing you know, the Cowboys will have to have a written invitation before entering their opponent’s red zone. They’ll have to watch Dr. Phil during half-time. They’ll have to say “Please” before they intercept the ball. Continue reading

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School-ish Thoughts: What Math Teaches

I am an Anti-Mathite, yet I must teach my children math (I guess I actually will be using all that stuff in Real Life. Crap.) and as I teach and often re-learn along with them, I have discovered Why We Must Study Math Continue reading

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School-ish Thoughts: The Literary Approach to Education

I can not bear the thought of my children being forced to learn any environment that even remotely resembles San Quentin. I want them to love learning. Toward this end, I am training my children to be readers. Continue reading

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The wisest person who ever lived (probably an old southern grandmother) was named Anonymous… Continue reading

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Man of God/Child of God

Modern day Constantine… Continue reading

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