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Science says that most mutations are the result of duplicated DNA gone awry, and creationists say that mutations always result in a loss of existing information. What depressing thoughts, on both counts. Continue reading

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Ericisms-Halo Edition

The craziest stuff comes out of this boy’s mouth…

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Backyard Lilac Festival

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Smell these pictures… Continue reading

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A To Do List for the Last Day on Earth

Sorry, kids, the world’s ending tomorrow. Continue reading

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The Dead Girl Ain’t Dead.

I don’t think Jairus’ daughter was dead… Continue reading

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Rodalena Recipes: Perfect Cornbread

If’n you is needin’ sumthin’ to sop up the milk gravy from your fried pork chops tonight, I got jist the thang: cornbread.

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Earth Tones: Spring

The Homeowners Association
has decreed…
…for the most part
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You Just Don’t Mess With Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman, like the unapologetic KJV defender, is a fundamentalist. Continue reading

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Architectural Abomination

As I drove down Riverside Street
It hit me:
The enclosed porch
Is ruining
The whole Idea of
Neighborhood. Continue reading

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The Fundamental Home-Schooling Preacher’s Wife Movie Rating System

I ignore the MPAA rating system when I decide which movies I definately want my children to see, which ones I’ll merely tolerate them viewing, and which ones will be avoided like the plague. Continue reading

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