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Take the Sword

God is dangerous… Continue reading

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Tightrope Walking

When we begin to use our standards as weapons of mass destruction against those whose standards are different from our own, we have missed the entire point of having standards in the first place. Continue reading

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Open your hymnals to page 365

This is praise.
This is worship.

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The boy’s at it again…

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What. if. He. was. just. a. he?

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Herbal Essence Jesus

I don’t know where that guy came from, but it wasn’t the Bible. The Jesus of the Bible probably didn’t really care what His hair looked like. Continue reading

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Botanical Baptist Church Service

  Opening Prayer   The choir will now sing for the Lord   Offeratory Hymn   Special Music   Today’s text: Matthew 6:28-30   Touched by the Son   *all photography by rodalena 

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Shout out

A loud and quick “thanks!” to whoever found rodalena by typing “comparing Oedipus and Hamlet with God” into their search engine. That is pretty much awesome.

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A Good Place to Start

The King James version issue has the unique ability to suck an unsuspecting person into a vortex of terms and personas and opinions-masquerading-as-facts. It’s perfectly easy to get lost in the subject, and wake up one morning to find that you have completely lost touch with reality and years have gone right by you completely unnoticed. Continue reading

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Methinks she’s beautiful

She’s been High Drama from the beginning: The people in the ER said she was dead at eight weeks And the doctor said,”That’s a strong heart beat,” at nine. She almost died being born I remember flourescent lights flying past my head frantic … Continue reading

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