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Good Christian

The best Christian I know is six years old. Everything about the world thrills Eric. Give him a couple of square feet of dirt and he will be occupied for hours. A snowfall of any significance is greeted with unbridled … Continue reading

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I am going to tell you a Horrible Secret of the Ministry: (Make sure no one’s reading over your shoulder.  D’ja check?? I’m serious. Check.) Ok. Dude, I’m nervous about letting y’all in on this. Ok… There are several Unwritten … Continue reading

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Personal Spring

I would like for you to note the date, and then see what my backyard looked like yesterday:                                And, here’s today: Yes, we did have … Continue reading

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Observation: People working the booth or the sideline of a Major Sporting Event (NCAA’s March Madness tourney, for example) will be in a suit. This is a Given, in fact, it’s almost a Law of Nature. The suit-wearers are unconcerned with … Continue reading

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“It can’t be helped.”

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Sunday Paper

Next Sunday, don’t check the web for the news on your way to Facebook. Pick up a newspaper. Smell it. Hold it. Let life stain your fingers. Continue reading

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My youngest son is named Eric. He’s funny. He knows it. His face is also never completely clean. (What can I tell you; he’s the third child, he’s largely on his own.) He frequently will say and do stuff that is worth recording for posterity. Continue reading

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So, yeah, I think I’m gonna write some stuff

I don’t know about other people, but I have all sorts of Topics For Discussion competing for real estate in my head all the time. I’ma gonna write some of them down. Enjoy…

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